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About Us

Moorpark Parents Support Group was established in 2001 and was made up from parents attending Moorpark Family Centre, who met once a week to discuss and support each other with everyday life issues.

In 2012 we changed our name to Our Place Our Families and successfully secured 3 years funding from The Big Lottery to achieve our aim in providing low cost family fun days and a wide range of family activities bringing the local community together. We also provide help to local people with creating CV's, Job searches and information which links with various other agencies and organizations.


Our Place Our Families is run by Volunteers from the local community and we offer drop-in sessions which offers anybody the chance to come along and discuss community issues, chat with staff and volunteers and find out what Our Place Our Families has to offer.



What We Do

Our main goals are to support the community and the people within, and to do so we offer a huge variety of services auch as:


 * CV Building

 * Job Search

 * IT Skills

 * Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

 * Practitioners

 * Cooking Classes

 * Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

 * Mellow Parenting

 * Sport & Play

 * Environmental Community Clean Ups

 * Quit Smoking Classes

 * Recovery Cafe

Why We Do It

Our Place Our Families is run by volunteers from the local community along with members of staff. If people are interested in volunteering they are welcome to come in for a chat during the drop-in sessions.


The organisation was started to support people in the local community by helping to improve their lifestyle and lift their self-esteem. We do this by giving people the means to do things for themsevles such as job searches, CV building, and letting out clients who come along build up a trust with us and even have a coffee and a chat.


 * An average of 57 seperate clients visit us a month.

 * 1124 service users for the year 2014/2015

We manage to do everything that we do thanks to the kindness and generosity of all our volunteers who give up their free time to help us with all the activities we provide for the community.


Another way we are able to do what we do is by the generous donations of funders. The Funders help by supplying us with funds that help run the office and some activities that we do for the community. The Big Lottery Fund, Local Area Committee, and Children in Need are just a few examples of our funders.


We would like to say a big thank you to all our funders and volunteers. Your help makes the community a better and brighter place for all of us, and you have our deepest appreciation.

How We Do It

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